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Accessible menus and carousels

CNIB Frontier Accessibility is a CNIB Foundation social enterprise supporting businesses and organizations to ensure all Canadians with disabilities can benefit from barrier-free communities and workplaces.

We're a national organization that provides product expertise in accessible technologies, and support and training in both of Canada's official languages. Our approach to providing customized solutions ensures that all organizations will have the tools to champion a culture of inclusion.

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Featured Products

LEGO Braille Bricks
BrailleNote Touch
Visolux Digital XL FHD

Code Jumper logo and a computer monitor with multi-coloured accessories on a white table

Code Jumper

Code Jumper helps to jump start learners' interest in computer science with its physical coding language. Code Jumper was originally designed by Microsoft and was developed by APH (The American Printing House for the Blind).

person holds up mobile phone looking at an app


GoodMaps Explore is a mobile navigation app that gives people who are blind a picture of the outdoor environment as well as inside your venue. Explore verbally announces the distance and direction to nearby rooms, water fountains, and emergency exits in much the same way as sighted people see print signs.

hands on a Lego braille building mat, moving pieces around

LEGO Braille Bricks

With thousands of audio books and computer programs on the market today, fewer young people living with sight loss are learning Braille. Later in life, these young people will need Braille to work, study, and enjoy their daily lives to the fullest.