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Education Services

The road to independence for children living with sight loss starts with education. At CNIB Frontier Accessibility, we strive to ensure every Canadian child impacted by blindness does not encounter any barriers to inclusion. The accessibility solutions we provide include:

  • icon showing a computer screen image link to Products and Technology details pageProducts and technology: We believe that Canadian children impacted by blindness should have access to all the best products and technologies that can assist them with learning, regardless of where they come from. We are the only provider in Canada with the knowledge and experience to do this. Learn more about products and technology here.

  • icon showing a circle with connected dots image link to Digital and websites pageDigital and websites: All students should be able to access the digital world accessibly. CNIB Frontier Accessibility will work with you to conduct audits and identify actions that ensure all your digital platforms are inclusive and meet global standards, including WCAG and VPAT. Learn more about digital and websites here.

  • icon showing an arrow image link to Navigation and wayfinding pageNavigation and wayfinding: Navigating a new school or college is stressful for everyone. Let’s not make it harder than it needs to be for students with disabilities. By integrating an inclusive strategy combined with various technological solutions – including low frequency Bluetooth beacons, 3D LiDAR mapping, smartphone apps and tactile signage – everyone can safely and easily navigate their place of learning. Learn more about navigation and wayfinding here.

  • icon showing a teacher with a pointer image link to Support and training pageSupport and training: At the forefront of our services is our support and training. We provide comprehensive accessibility training; from onboarding to in depth product training, we’ve got your back. Learn more about support and training here.

  • icon showing braille image link to Braille production pageBraille production: For children who are blind, being able to read and write braille is the key to literacy, successful employment and independence. Let us produce your learning materials in braille to ensure that children who are blind grow up with the skills that bring intellectual freedom. Learn more about braille production here.

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