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Overview image of a map of a building floor layout looking down at a route from the Electrical shutoff room to the office and the words: GoodMaps - Explore. Make your venue accessible to all.

GoodMaps Explore is a mobile navigation app that gives people who are blind a picture of the outdoor environment as well as inside your venue. Explore verbally announces the distance and direction to nearby rooms, water fountains, and emergency exits in much the same way as sighted people see print signs.

Mobile phone screen capture showing with the words, You have arrived, displayed as well as an opportunity to rate the app



When traveling cross country or just across a museum exhibit, independence is key for people who are blind. Users of Explore can easily understand their surroundings as they move through a city or through your indoor venue. Users can preview venues like an assisted living facility, sports arena, or museum for better navigation when they arrive.



GoodMaps provides superior accessible indoor mapping and accurate positioning compared with other systems. Explore allows people who are blind an opportunity to build mental images of your venue so they can independently navigate. GoodMaps Explore provides accessible and accurate end-to-end routing from outdoors to indoor locations (even underground).

A person holds up a mobile phone that shows words onscreen that says: Women's Restroom and a list of directions


1. No infrastructure: GoodMaps camera-based positioning (CPS) does not require the installation of any hardware or beacons.
2. Fantastic Accuracy: CPS provides accuracy as good as a few feet.
3. Intuitive & Simple: GoodMaps Explore empowers a user to navigate easily & effectively.