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Discover LEGO Braille Bricks

About LEGO Braille

With thousands of audio books and computer programs on the market today, fewer young people living with sight loss are learning Braille. Later in life, these young people will need Braille to work, study, and enjoy their daily lives to the fullest. LEGO Braille is a simple but highly practical educational tool that teaches a range of skills needed to thrive.

The LEGO Braille Bricks concept is a play-based methodology that teaches Braille to children who are blind or partially sighted. LEGO Braille Bricks introduces a fun and engaging way to help children living with sight loss develop tactile skills and learn the braille system.

The bricks are molded so that the studs on top reflect individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet while remaining fully compatible with the LEGO System in Play. The bricks also feature printed letters, numbers, and symbols so that they can be used simultaneously by sighted peers, classmates, and teachers in a collaborative and inclusive way

Expand your education resources

If you're an educator, principal or school board representative, ordering a LEGO Braille Bricks toolkit can be a simple – and fun – way for you to engage your students with sight loss.

More about LEGO Braille toolkits:

  • Each toolkit contains 300+ LEGO Braille Bricks covering the full alphabet in the chosen language, numbers 0-9, and select mathematical symbols and punctuation marks
  • Available in five LEGO colours and includes three base plates and a brick separator
  • Accompanied by a pedagogical concept that is based on Learning through Play and includes inspiration for bricks-based activities to enhance learning and skill-development

  • Interested in receiving a LEGO Braille toolkit for your school?